(CARSON CITY, NV. KXNT)–A bill that would allow conceal carry permit firearms on Nevada college and higher education campuses heard from supporters and opponents before an Assembly Committee.

The bill would permit the firearms for anyone over the age of 21. Its sponsor is Michele Fiore, a well-known gun rights advocate in Nevada. One of the witnesses appearing before the committee in favor of the bill was Amanda Collins, the former University of Nevada Reno co-ed who was raped on campus several years ago. Collins was and is a gun owner but says the ban on weapons on campus prevented her from being armed the night she was assaulted. Her attacker later raped two other women, murdering one of them.

“The question in my life is and will remain to be, what would have been different if I had been carrying my firearm that night’, Collins told the Judiciary Committee of the Nevada Assembly.

But some students spoke out against the proposal. Several UNR students said fellow dormitory residents were concerned that allowing conceal carry firearms would heighten, not lessen the danger level.  “The main concern was the ability of for residents and student staff to effectively management conflict that often occurs with residents with the possibility that those residents may be armed if this bill is passed”, said UNR sophomore Jessica Goldstein.

The Committee also heard testimony Wednesday on another gun bill, a proposal by Las Vegas area Assemblyman William Horne that would tax firearms and ammunition sales in the state.



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