(Las Vegas, NV) — Is there ever a good time to discuss increasing revenues?

That question was part of a presentation at Wednesday’s Las Vegas City Council meeting. City Manager Betsy Fretwell alluded to the fact that government provides for the public when private business cannot.

Chief Financial Officer for the City of Las Vegas Mark Vincent told KXNT how much revenue the city makes on business licenses.

“We generate about $15-16 million in license fees. There are things that can be looked at. Some of them have not increased for a long, long time. That is a discussion we can have,” says Vincent.

Fiscal year will be the 6th straight year of operating deficits requiring the use of reserves to balance the budget. And there other issues as well

  • Funding is the level of Fiscal Year 2005
  • Full time staffing is at a level prior to Fiscal Year 2001
  • Service and maintenance levels continue to show decline
  • Employee morale is down due to uneasiness over budgets and related compensation matters

The costs for individual business licenses differ by business type and occupation. A privilege license (liquor, gaming etc.) require a criminal background check and approval by the City Council. These licenses may have origination fees and ongoing fees.

Origination fees begin at $2,500 and escalate based on liquor and gaming authorizations. General Business licenses are based on gross sales and start at $25 annually and escalate based on gross sales. Occupational licenses may be based on flat fees beginning at $50 with most in the $150 range.

Processing and initial payments for most small businesses applying for a general license should plan on $150 to $200 to establish their license at the local level. If they are interested in a liquor or privilege license the initial fees will be determined based on an interview and review of their business.

The city will also look to go after delinquent payments such as parking tickets, court fines and EMS transports.


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