(Las Vegas, NV) — Lawmakers are tackling the issue of raw milk in Nevada in an attempt to make it easier and safer for residents to obtain the product.

Under AB209, if a milk commission in one county authorizes the sale of raw milk, then that type of milk can be sold in all other Nevada counties.

Nye County is the only Nevada county with a milk commission and therefore can sell it legally.

Lynn Hettrick is the director of the Nevada Dairy Commission and told KXNT the commission doesn’t support raw milk, but will support the safe transport of the product.

“An individual might come over and try to put the milk in the trunk of their car and transport it back to Clark County. In doing so, they would allow that milk to get significantly warmer,” Hettrick says.

The bill would allow any producer to transport their products across county lines, something that does not currently exist.

Nevada Revised Statute states that milke must be kept at 45 degrees or lowere before sold to a consumer.

“AB209 would mean the milk would be moved by the producer to any county for sale and it would be moved by a refrigerator truck,” says Hettrick

However, the Southern Nevada Health District has come out against raw milk because of health concerns.

‘It’s a position of public health that raw milk is a product that has potential safety risks with it and whatever perceived benefits there are with raw milk just don’t balance out with the potential dangers from raw milk,” says senior epidemiologist with the Southern Nevada Health District.

The bill can looked at here http://bit.ly/ZnYDqS


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