Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Nevada has a long relationship with the U.S. military and advanced weapons development. Now the state is competing to become a bigger player in the field of drone technology.

The Clark County Commission heard this week from members of a panel convened by Governor Brian Sandoval to help the state capture a special designation as a drone research center. Six sites will be selected by the Federal Aviation Administration to test unmanned aerial systems, said Joe Brown, a member of the team.

The team believes Nevada is ideally suited for the research, because of its varied climate, offering intense heat, snowy mountains, and vast stretches of unpopulated land. The state’s sparse populations means fewer concerns about privacy violations, Brown said, compared to other, more densely-populated states comepting for the prize.

Add to that a large military presence, with expertise in drones. Many of the preferred contractors are already located here, working at Nellis Air Force Base, he said.

Brown told the commission the research could bring thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to the state.
The commission adopted a resolution of support sought by the team to be included in its presentation to the FAA.


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