(Las Vegas, NV) — Monday is the beginning of Spring break for students in the Clark County School District and law enforcement is offering tips to make it a safe time away from school.

With over 300,000 students away from the classroom there is potential for danger in and out of the home.

Captain Ken Young of the CCSD Police Dept. told KXNT that monitoring prescription drugs is important.

“Do an inventory of your medicine cabinet. Find out what is there and what should be there.  Also, take the time to talk to your young people about the dangers of taking prescription medication that is not prescribed for them,” says Young.

With the advancement of social networking Officer Chrissie Coon with the North Las Vegas Police Dept. advises parents to be aware of what kids are doing on the internet

“Make sure you are watching what they are posting on applications like Facebook and Instagram. Be aware of some of the applications they may download to hide some of their text messages and pictures that may send to their friends.” says Coon

Law enforcement says the Strip will be busier than normal and all parties need to be aware of the increase in traffic.

“When you are out-and-about make eye-contact with either drivers or pedestrians. Just because you can see them doesn’t mean they can see you,” says  LVMPD Captain Mike Roberts

Also structured activities are a good way to keep kids busy. Coon suggests a local YMCA or a neighborhood recreation center.


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