(Las Vegas, NV) — The Teachers Health Trust is seeking to go into arbitration with the Clark County School District to dig deeper into the pockets of its roughly 34,000 members to pay for health benefits.

Teachers Health Trust CEO Peter Alpert says the trust is currently running an average deficit of about $225,000 per month and changes will need to be made.

Teachers Health Trust is seeking arbitration to force the Clark County School District to pay an additional $8 per member, per paycheck.

“It would be roughly $6 million per year,” says Alpert.

Alpert made it clear in a press conference Tuesday that arbitration against CCSD is on the way, but according to CCSD’s Amanda Fulkerson, it’s unlikely.

“When we have our contract negotiations, it is bargained at the table how much the district will pay and how much the employee will pay into their health care benefits,” says Fulkerson.

Alpert acts as the trust’s CEO, attorney and certified public accountant and according to consultant Terry Van Noy, saves the Teachers Health Trust $6 million dollars per year due to the hats he wears.

Van Noy added that only five percent of the trust’s budget goes to administrative costs, which include overhead and funding for about 70 staffers, the remaining 95 percent goes to pay health claims for teachers and their dependents.

Nationally, 15 percent of an insurance company’s budget goes to administrative costs.


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