(Las Vegas, NV) — State Senator Don Gustavson wants to speed things up. Literally. The Reno Republican’s bill would pave the way for Nevada to increase the maximum speed limit to 85 mph on roads where NDOT officials determine that speed is safe.

Currently on rural highways the top speed is 70 mph. On I-15 and I-80 it is 75 mph. U.S 95, the main road between Reno and Las Vegas will also be studied.

“Mainly it will be on roads with two lanes going in each direction. You can drive in the right lane with the trucks if you like or you can get out there and pass the slow trucks and save time getting to your destination,” says Gustavson.

Gustavson also heard from law enforcement and received positive feedback regarding the change.

“33 percent would like to see the speed limit at 75 mph. 17 percent would like to see it at 80 mph and 44 percent said they would like to see it at 85 mph,” says Gustavson.

If enacted, the new speed limit would match the one in Texas for the fastest in the nation.

NDOT makes the ultimate decision after conducting studies on each potential road.


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