(Carson City, NV) — Secretary of State Ross Miller wants to shed light on gifts and campaign contributions received by Nevada lawmakers and other public officials.

Miller on Tuesday presented his campaign finance bill to the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections.

Among other things, the bill would require candidates to report any contributions of $1,000 or more within 72 hours. It would also require candidates to disclose how much cash their campaigns have on hand — something not currently required.

But some lawmakers questioned the 72-hour reporting provision, saying it amounts to job security for accountants and would be difficult for candidates.

“Our founding fathers certainly believed in transparency, it was in fact one of the principles of democracy. Even James Madison said at one point that a government that does not  give the public access to documents and information is a fallacy and a farce,” Miller said.

No action was taken by the committee.

The committee also heard testimony on a bill requiring lobbyists to file quarterly reports on their wining and dining activities between legislative sessions.

A summary of the bill can be viewed HERE

The “Aurora Act,” named for the new campaign contribution and expense search function can be viewed through this link.




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