(Las Vegas, NV) — National Consumer Protection Week is in its 15th year and Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has plenty of programs to help residents.

One of the programs, Home Again, was launched by Masto in January and will be facilitated Saturday by Assemblyman Elliott Anderson, D-Las Vegas.

The program will specifically address housing and mortgage issues to Nevadans who are facing foreclosure or have already gone through the process.

Home again is a partnership between the AG’s office, Nevada Legal Services and Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

Saturday’s event at Winchester Community Center, 3130 McLeod Dr., Las Vegas is designed for:

  • Homeowners seeking loan modification
  • Borrowers who are current, but underwater
  • Those who have lost their homes to foreclosure
  • Households working toward home ownership

The no-fee service is available for Nevadans by calling 888 457 4638 or at http://bit.ly/UGkzhy


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