(Las Vegas, NV) — Deceased amateur rapper Kenneth Cherry’s girlfriend denied Tuesday that he was a pimp. Asmayit Hagos, 22, of Alameda, Calif., said Cherry never showed signs of violence during their three-year relationship.

In 2011, a woman filed a restraining order accusing Cherry of domestic violence, but Hagos didn’t comment on that when questioned.

Hagos repeatedly said she “wasn’t in his (Cherry’s) pockets and that she didn’t know how he was able to afford multiple residences and a Maserati.

Cherry was killed in his Maserati last week on the Strip when he was shot by suspected killer, 26-year-old Ammar Harris.

After Cherry was shot, his Maserati crashed into a taxi, which exploded, killing cab driver Michael Boldon, 62, of Las Vegas.

Hagos told KXNT that she wants the public to understand that Cherry is a victim.

“Everybody has already tarnished his name. It’s really messed up because one day his daughter will Google his name and she will think, ‘oh my god, was this my dad?’

We just want peace. We just want justice. That’s all.”

Hagos also deflected the notion that Cherry lived a rapper’s lifestyle, but rather had an alter ego known as “Kenny Clutch”.

“Ken had a lot of friends. He was a rapper. He had a lot of friends and fans. He had many girls that would come up and take pictures. That was just his lifestyle. He wanted to live like a rapper.”

Hagos spoke to Cherry just two hours before he died on Feb. 21st.


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