Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Five hundred sports car enthusiasts from across the nation are headed for the Southpoint, the site of a national meeting of the Sports Car Club of America starting on Wednesday.

The club meets in Las Vegas for many of the same reasons other conferences come here, but regional club executive Sue Stoddard says there’s also a practical reason. The Las Vegas club members do a lot to help out out at the big meeting, she said.

Stoddard will attend the workshops in between routine tasks like manning the front door and greeting guests.

Clubs from each region of the country have their own special brand of sports car events, Stoddard told KXNT. The Las Vegas Sports Car Club hosts auto cross events.

“You find a big parking lot, and you set up cones,” she explained. “The idea is to go as fast as you can with your car through the cones without knocking them over.”

The focus is precision, not speed, Stoddard explained. The driver races against the clock, not against other drivers. Porsches and corvettes are welcome, but many of the members are driving more down-to-earth cars.

“It’s not like other car clubs — ‘Oh, my car’s better than your car, I’ve got more stuff on it” — no,” Stoddard said. “We’re a very friendly bunch.”

After the big national meeting, the Las Vegas club will head for St. George Utah for its next autocross. It’s on a closed runway of the old municipal airport the weekend of March 9.


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