PHOENIX (AP) — The sheriff for metropolitan Phoenix is scheduled to release a report Monday on an internal probe into why hundreds of sex-crime cases were either inadequately investigated or not looked into at all during a three-year period ending in 2007.

The internal investigation was launched in May 2008 after the city of El Mirage, which paid Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office for police services, said it discovered at least 32 reported child molestations in which the sheriff’s office failed to follow through, even though suspects were known in all but six cases.

El Mirage, a heavily Hispanic community near Phoenix, alleged there were many cases in which sheriff’s investigators wrote no follow-up reports, collected no additional forensic evidence and made zero effort after the initial report of the crime was taken.

Arpaio’s office eventually reopened more than 400 of its sex-crime cases countywide after finding they were inadequately investigated or not examined at all. The botched investigations have been an embarrassment to a department whose sheriff is the self-described “America’s toughest sheriff” and a national hero to conservatives on immigration issues.

Arpaio apologized in December 2011 for the bungled cases, and his office has since said it has moved to clear up the inadequately investigated cases and has taken steps to prevent the problem from happening again.

The internal investigation launched in May 2008 was stopped after its investigator was pulled away at the direction of David Hendershott, Arpaio’s then-top aide, to help with another matter. The probe was reopened in December 2010 while Hendershott was on medical leave.

The agency has declined several requests by The Associated Press for the report over the last year, citing potential disciplinary actions against employees.

The botched investigations were mentioned in a lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department that alleges a range of civil rights violations in Arpaio’s immigration patrols and jails.

The Justice Department accused the sheriff’s office of failing to adequately respond to reports of sexual violence and focusing intensively on low-level immigration offenses over more serious crime. Arpaio’s office has denied the allegations.

Arpaio’s critics used the bungled investigations to hammer on the sheriff last year as he was campaigning for a sixth term. He was forced to plow millions of dollars into the race to fend off the challenge. In the end, Arpaio won by a six-point margin.

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