LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – Many who get married at the world-famous Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas do so on a whim. As such, most of their friends and family are not surprised when they find themselves not in attendance to hear the couple say, “I do.”

For those planning a larger affair, however, the issue of who to invite – and who to leave off the guest list – can be both emotional and expensive.

To combat the issue of confronting those who don’t make the cut, a new trend has emerged – sending out “you’re not invited” alerts.

The alerts are designed to let people know that they will not be invited to a wedding or reception, to offer clarity on the matter to those who might be wondering whether or not to plan a trip for a loved one’s big day, WOAI is reporting.

Brides and grooms are reportedly sending the alerts in different forms, from e-mails to personalized cards.

“Nine out of 10 times, it’s because of lack of space – and the couple feels super guilty,” Wedding Salon founder Tatiana Byron was quoted as saying to “These are usually people they’re friendly with, but not close to.”

“This seems to be a growing trend and thinking among young people,” Nikki Khan, who founded Exquisite Events, additionally noted to the morning show.

But despite the good intentions of the couple in sending the alerts, many are critical of the new trend.

“[T]here is NEVER an excuse to send an ‘anti-invite,'” one commenter on Cafe Mom noted. “If people assume that their invitation was lost in the mail and speak to the host/hostess about the event, then the host/hostess can apologetically explain that they were keeping the guest list down for whatever reason.”

Another commenter added, “Seems cruel and narcissistic and serves to make them look foolish if the folks who got the card didn’t expect or want to be invited. This kind of thing makes me happy we eloped.”


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