Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Emphasizing an expectation that the money would be used to hire additional teachers, an abritrator granted the Clark County School District teacher contract proposal on Thursday, saving the district more than $38.6 million over two years.

District Superintendent Dwight Jones issued a statement confirming the district’s intent to hire.

“This decision supports the District’s priority to put more teachers back into classrooms,” Jones said.

The ruling puts money back into district coffers by striking down mandatory contributions to a retiree health trust that Jones says is already well funded and has fewer than 200 people enrolled. The teachers who contribute are also off the hook, which will save them $30 per month, and $6 million collectively, according to the district.

Additional savings will come from a freeze on pay raises that kicked in automatically at the beginning of the year, when teachers were working without a contract. They won’t be required to repay the raises, but for the remainder of the year, the salaries will revert to their previous level. The settled dispute is over the current school year’s contract.

Vice President of the Clark County Education Association Vicki Courtney told KXNT on Thursday that the union accepts the decision.

“The process works,” she said, adding that the last arbitration went the other way. State law requires binding arbitration to settle contract disputes for public employees.


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