(Las Vegas, NV) — A hate crime is defined in Nevada law as a crime against another person which is motivated by virtue of the victim’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation. Whether it is the shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech University or Sandy Hook, the need to deal with the situation on school campuses continues.

The UNLV Police Department continues to train to deal with such crimes if they are committed on campus.
Three times a year training exercises occur to help deal with an active shooter situation.

Chief of Police Jose Elique told KXNT that his department is ready for the worst case scenario.
“When and if we are unfortunate enough to have one of these shootings on this campus, I think our officers are prepared to handle that and eliminate the threat as soon as possible. Nobody can prevent it from happen so we have to prepare our responses.”

A survival mindset is a protective shield comprised of three components: Awareness, Preparation and Rehearsal.
Survivors should prepare themselves both mentally and emotionally to do whatever it takes to make it through their situation. They become stakeholders in their own safety and security.

Elique added that a pre-determined survival mindset will help you take rapid, effective actions to a stressful situation.
“I think the biggest mistake is denial, People say this can’t possibly be happening.”

By Nevada law certain weapons, including firearms are prohibited on Nevada State Higher Education campuses.

To learn more about what to do if an active shooter is in your workplace click here http://bit.ly/VHmOFO

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