(Las Vegas, NV) — The Boulder City murder-suicide is still fresh on the minds of many across the Las Vegas valley. Kathryn Walters was 46 and her son Max was five when they were shot and killed by 52 year-old Hans Walters Monday.

In the aftermath of any crisis, the Clark County School District offers support to those who may be affected, whether it is children or adults. Rosemary Virtuoso is with the Crisis Response Team and told KXNT how kids Max’s age will generally react after learning about a tragedy. It was not stated why Hans Walters did what he did other than that he was enraged at todays mortgage rates.

“They will go back to their normal routine much more quickly than the other kids. However, if someone has been impacted and does understand or has had a recent loss, such as a pet or relative die, they may catch on. Those are the kids we need to watch out for.”

High school kids tend to react with more emotion and will lean on their friends more than their family.

Kids are not the only demographic that may need assistance after a tragedy, Virtuoso added that parents can seek help from the Crisis Response Team.

“We always look to provide the best answers after a tragedy and if what we offer can help parents we will absolutely help them as well.”

You can learn all about the Department of Student Threat Evaluation & Crisis Response here http://bit.ly/WpoUVz.


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