Las Vegas CBS KXNT  –  The firetrucks were the loudest attraction rolling down Fourth Street Monday morning during the Martin Luther King Day parade.

Several engines blasted sirens and horns, and fire personnel inside the vehicles waved at the crowd lining the side of the street.  The U.S. Postal service also made a showing, with several trucks and a brigade of marching postal workers.

The largest identifiable group was students from Martin Luther King Elementary School, who marched wearing red sweatshirts emblazoned with “MLK.”

And what would any parade be without politicians perched on the backs of convertibles?  The nearby photo shows Governor Brian Sandoval waving at the crowd.  The parade was so quiet, the governor was able to call out “good morning, everyone,” at a level just slightly louder than the one he probably uses in his office, and he was audible to the attendees on the curb.


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