CES: Tablet Drives Product Development

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Photo KXNT SamStone- CES Las Vegas 2013

Photo KXNT SamStone- CES Las Vegas 2013

Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Tablets have forever changed the market for computing devices, but a stroll through the Las Vegas convention center during CES brings home another, less obvious conclusion. Entirely new product categories are being born out of the tablet revolution.

The world’s biggest digital products trade show features acres of exhibits devoted to products that support the tablet. The simplest are storage cases with special functions. One of them is a lined with micro-fiber and fits snugly so the iPhone or iPad touch screen is cleaned as the device is pushed in and pulled out of its case. Because the tablet is lightweight and portable — one of its key selling points — it’s also an easy target for theft.  A Texas company is making cases and stands that lock down to secure the devices in multi-user environments like offices and schools.

The complexity grows, with automotive accessories that integrate the dashboard with the cell phone, and make hands-free operation possible.

The tablet’s dominance is well-understood in the entertainment arena, but it’s power as a driver of product development has been a pleasant surprise to some in the business.  One CES exhibitor told KXNT the mass adoption of tablets has added 25 percent to his base revenue in a one-year period.

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