Las Vegas CBS-KXNT –  It’s never too early to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.  So says the City of Henderson, which is already working on a community weight loss project to start in January.

Yes, Henderson officials realize you haven’t yet warmed up the oven for the holiday cookie bake, nor have you laid eyes on the first tray of forbidden food at work. But Henderson wants to be America’s premier community, says city spokesperson Kim Becker.

“In order to do that, we need to be America’s fittest community,” Becker told KXNT on Tuesday.

To that end, they’re planning the second annual “Lighten Up, Henderson,” a three-month community fitness effort.  The weigh-in is scheduled for January 14-18, 2013, at all seven of Henderson’s recreation centers.  It’s not limited to residents of the city.

“It’s for anyone who lives, works, plays, or learns in Henderson,” Becker says.

After weigh-in day, the city’s involvement with individual weight-loss efforts is optional until weigh-out day in April.  Participants may work out at the Henderson recreation facilities, or go their own way.  They can alert the city to their progress by email, and their weight will be posted without name identification, for comparison’s sake, so anyone checking in can see how others are doing, but this is also optional.

Anyone who’s still working at it on April 11 can weigh in again at the original location.  The city will tally up the total pounds and recognize the biggest loser.  Last year, the leading participant lost 70 pounds, Becker said.  The collective loss was more than 500 pounds.

“The 12-week challenge encourages people to adopt a healthier lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and exercise, said Mayor Andy Hafen.”  No word on whether Henderson Hafen will weigh in.


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