(Las Vegas, NV) — The topic of taxes is never easy to discuss, but one Clark County Commissioner is facing the topic head-on. During the Local Government Summit Commissioner Tom Collins, along with dozens of local government leaders brainstormed on how to generate more tax money.

Property tax has been reduced in recent years and some are calling on state legislators to give local governments the authority to raise their taxes without the approval of state lawmakers.

Collins told KXNT it will take a long time to generate the lost revenue if the tax rate remains the same. “If the legislative gap remains at three percent, it will take 24 years to receover from six years ago.” And if the revenue isn’t generated, Collins believes there will be additional problems.

“That’s less money for cops, police, fire, schools and government services that are derived from property tax.”

In the upcoming legislative session lawmakers will hear proposals about the chnage in the consolidated tax structure, which distributes revenue to cities and counties.


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