SALT LAKE CITY (CBS Las Vegas) – What may appear to some to be merely a bizarre pair of sunglasses could, in fact, be the future of police work.

According to Salt Lake City Police chief Chris Burbank, the newly developed spectacles will give officers the ability to record everything they see in the line of duty.

“What better way to document the entire event than an officer wear a camera that sees what the officer sees?” he explained to KSL-AM.

The company who produces the glasses claimed they work in a similar fashion to the cameras that are already installed on dashboards of police cars.

Burbank envisioned virtually every police department in the state issuing their officers a pair.

“If Salt Lake City goes this direction, if any agency goes this direction, the expectation is going to be, in my mind, that everyone move in this direction,” Burbank was quoted as saying.

Not every officer thinks this is a good idea, the station learned.

However, in a day and age when most people have cell phones and laptops with recording capabilities, Burbank feels this is a good way to prove what officers do on the street is good.

“This is going to demonstrate the things we’re doing good,” he told KSL-AM. “Sometimes it’s going to catch us doing things improperly, but for the most part it is going to show we do an outstanding job.”

The station reports that each pair of glasses cost about $1,000.


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