(LAS VEGAS CBS KXNT) Monument to democracy?  Or an eyesore?  Depends on your perspective, but in even-numbered years campaign signs are a fact of life.

Don’t complain yet, says Clark County’s chief code enforcer.  The campaigns have 15 days to remove the signs, and they usually do it.  If they don’t do it, the county will, Don Coburn told KXNT.

“Our department will begin removing them after 15 days, and we will impound them, and we’ll be contacting the campaign offices to come and pick up their signs.”

That’s if the county has jurisdiction.  If the signs are along a federal highway, the department of transportation is in charge, and the campaigns have 30 days to remove the signs.

“If we do see them and they’re in our right-of-way, we will take them down,” said Damon Hodge of NDOT. Leaving the signs up past the 30-day limit is a misdemeanor, Hodge told KXNT.  State law authorizes a fine of up to $1,000, but it’s unclear whether judges are actually willing to bring the gavel down on an extra bit of free speech.

Complaints can be filed with NDOT, or with the county code enforcement office, after the appropriate number of days.


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