(Las Vegas CBS KXNT)  Several thousand Obama supporters in the football field at the Cheyenne Sports Complex were entertained by Latin percussionist Sheila E, who worked the president’s name into as many as possible of her rhythmic musical pieces.

The president took the stage acknowledging the devastation on the east coast, and promising to help the victims of Hurrican Sandy.

‘We’re not gonna stop,” he said. “Because we understand that this could happen to any of us.”

Obama said that in the face of disaster Americans are not Democrats or Republicans, but Americans.

He pointed to improvements in economic indicators, and roused chants of “four more years,” when he asked for another term.

The president described challenger Mitt Romney as a salesman dressing up as change the unsuccessful policies from the past.

Obama noted that Romney’s been touting himself as an agent of change, but said that he, the president, has already delivered change.

“I know what change looks like, because I fought for change” he said.

Obama said the powerful are always represented in Washington, but small business persons and the middle class need a champion.

Many of the attendees had already voted, and said they’d come to the event to show support for Obama.  An 81-year-old woman was in attendance to see the United States president for the second time in her life.  She said she’d seen President Roosevelt when he was president.


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