(Las Vegas CBS KXNT)  Nevada U.S. Senator Harry Reid navigated noon-time parking lot traffic and stray shopping carts to enter the produce department at Cardenas market in East Las Vegas and vote early.

Reid was greeted by several shoppers who recognized him. He clearly relished the interactions, shaking hands and commenting on the  variety of the merchandise.  The senator then moved on to the voter check-in station, and utlimately the voting machine, where he cast his ballot.

Reid made remarks to reporters before voting, noting that it’s 80 degrees and sunny in Las Vegas while the east coast is devastated from Hurrican Sandy, and authorities there are looking for help.

“The only place these mayors and governors have to look is to the Federal government,” Reid said.  “Mitt Romney has said he wants to get rid of FEMA.  Mitt Romney wants to do away with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and turn it over to the states.”

Reid also made a joke as he gave a nod to the Obama campaign volunteers, telling them to call him if they encounter anyone who has found one of Romney’s tax returns.

“Call me,” Reid said. “I know what to do with it.  We’ve been looking for those tax returns for more than a year.”


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