By Danny Cox

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos enjoyed a 34-14 victory over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night. That includes three passing touchdowns from Manning on a night when the Saints’ defense was just completely outmatched and outplayed. It seemed to be a perfect night for the Broncos, but some things just didn’t sit well with them.

First of all, Manning banged his right thumbnail and knocked the knuckle on his throwing hand on the helmet of Saints’ defensive end Martez Wilson. The future Hall of Fame quarterback did realize that he was “probably a little bit lucky” things didn’t end up worse.

broncos saints1 Denver Broncos Will Have NFL Look at Hit on Manning From Saints

(Credit,Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Still, that wasn’t the biggest problem of the night and not what angered many other Broncos, either.

On the same play, Manning took the crown of Wilson’s helmet on the chin in a very hard hit. No flag was thrown on the play, and that is what confused people the most.

The hit from Wilson on Manning looked very similar to that of the one Broncos linebacker Joe Mays laid on Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. That particular hit cost the Broncos player $50,000 and he was also given a one-game suspension.

Manning got up and was shaking his thumb, but not worried so much about his face and chin. He didn’t seem too bothered with the hit from Wilson, but Broncos coach John Fox was.

“It’ll be something we look at and get the TV copy,” Broncos coach John Fox said Monday. “We haven’t done all that yet. And I’m not really able to comment on what we turn in to the league and what we don’t, but that’s one we’ll look at closely.”

With the Broncos wanting the NFL to look into the hit from Wilson, it is likely that a big fine and even a possible suspension could come for the Saints’ defensive end. This is just another tormented step in the horrific year that the New Orleans Saints have been going through.

No-one has forgotten the bounty scandal, have they? Of course you haven’t, because it is still going on.

As for Manning’s thumb, Fox said on Monday that it was “fine,” but that isn’t the pressing issue. That hit from Wilson is the key here for the Broncos even though it didn’t seem to bother the recipient of the hit at all. While Manning shook it off and went about the game, his teammates were more worried about it than him.

Wide receiver Brandon Stokley, Manning’s current and old teammate with the Colts, said, “I got nervous.”

It is evident that his neck surgeries from last year haven’t affected the play that Peyton Manning for his new team. Some rusty outings earlier this year had people wondering if he still had it in him, but the past four games have shown that he certainly does.

This hit from Martez Wilson is actually something that can be the least of worries for the Broncos, but they’re still going to have the league look into it. The Saints on the other hand need to worry about it because they may lose one of their primary defensive ends for a game soon.

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