(LasVegasCBS KXNT)  A sign bearing the numeral “8” hung on the wall of the lobby, as Obama campaign volunteers at the East Charleston office made phone calls on Monday. They urged people on a list of registered Democrats to vote early.  Today, in fact,would be best, they said, suggesting that on election day it will be less convenient, given the crush of last-minute and traditional voters who prefer the first Tuesday in November.

With eight days left, the volunteers are tired, but not flagging.  They stopped their calls to welcome State Senator Mo Denis, who dropped by to thank them for their efforts.  Denis lives in the district where they’re working, and says he has knocked on the same doors they’ve been knocking on. 

Denis also encouraged them to leave nothing to chance. 

“Every vote counts,” he said. “My first time I lost by 62 votes.”

Early voting will end on Friday. Denis told KXNT his role is to encourage volunteers and he continues to knock on doors himself.


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