By Danny Cox

With the midway point of the 2012 NFL season quickly approaching, things are starting to get sorted out as far as who the playoff contenders may be. As losses start to mount for some teams though, they may have bigger decisions to make and those choices could alter the future of their entire organization.

A number of teams are dealing with injuries and losses which means that head coaches could very well think of taking out guys that aren’t getting the job done. Usually that means changes at big-time positions and often that means at quarterback.

With injuries and poor play this weekend in the NFL, let’s look at the quarterback changes that may soon be seen around the league.

Miami Dolphins – Matt Moore for Ryan Tannehill

Of the three teams that will be discussed here, this is the only one that may end up making a change due to injury.

During the Dolphins’ 30-9 destruction of the New York Jets on Sunday, Tannehill hyperextended his left knee and bruised a quad. Back-up Matt Moore ended up coming in to finish the game, but Tannehill is already “optimistic” that he will be well enough to play next week.

Tannehill is scheduled for an MRI on his knee and quad on Monday morning.

New York Jets – Tim Tebow for Mark Sanchez

tebpw Big Time Quarterback Changes Could Be Coming For Multiple Teams

(Credit,Jim Rogash/Getty Images)


Speaking of the Jets, that loss to the Dolphins couldn’t have made Mark Sanchez look any better. With the talk being that Tim Tebow could step up at any time and start over Sanchez, the horrible performance on Sunday helped that seem more of a reality to come very soon.

Coach Rex Ryan doesn’t necessarily agree.

“He had his moments. He looked good, just like the rest of the team,” Ryan said. “There were moments the team played really well, and then there were other moments not so much, so I’d say he played pretty much like the rest.”

Ryan still believes that Sanchez gives the Jets the best chance to win. Many are starting to wonder just how much longer he’s going to believe his own stuff.

Philadelphia Eagles – Nick Foles for Michael Vick

This could be the biggest change of all, as coach Andy Reid could very well take out Michael Vick and throw rookie quarterback Nick Foles into the starting line-up. Reid claimed that every member of the team would be evaluated, but didn’t pinpoint anyone by name or position.

It was actually Vick that revealed that Reid will consider placing him on the bench.

“Obviously, he’s thinking about making a change at the quarterback position,” Vick said. “The thing I do know, and I’ll go watch the film and I’ll evaluate myself, is that I’m giving us every opportunity to win.”

One good thing about Sunday’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons is that Vick didn’t commit a turnover. It was just the second game this season that he had done so, but he only had 191 yards passing. It was the Philadelphia Eagles as a whole that disappointed their coach though.

“That was an embarrassing performance,” Reid said. “I’m stating the obvious. We need to get better. I need to do a better job. This is fixable. We have the talent.”

It really wasn’t just Vick that lost the game for Philly, but he certainly didn’t do enough to help them get close to a win.

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