ROSWELL, N.M. (CBS Las Vegas) — Roswell authorities attempted to subdue a riled man by using Tasers and pepper spray as he argued with a stop sign but their attempts, however, were unsuccessful.

According to KRQE-TV, the man, 45-year-old Raymond Garcia, is now behind bars, but getting him there was reportedly no easy feat.

The trouble began early Friday morning when officers from the Roswell Police Department were called to investigate a man who was said to be fighting with an inanimate stop sign.

Upon their arrival, Garcia allegedly ran from officers, two of whom attempted to detain him by shooting him with Taser darts.

Rather than collapse, however, Garcia continued to kick and fight the cops. When a third Taser was fired into him, he allegedly jumped up and tore all three darts from his torso.

“Usually when somebody is tased, their muscles contract and don’t allow them to do anything, and that’s why you normally see them fall to the ground,” Sabrina Morales, Roswell Police Department spokeswoman, told KRQE. “So this person, Garcia, had to be on some sort of drug possibly that was not allowing his system to react normally.”

When one officer tried to use his baton, Garcia was able to grab it from him. He reportedly tried to use it against the officers after obtaining possession of the weapon.

Even pepper spray, which the officers tried after the baton failed, did not bring Garcia to the ground. The station learned that he merely wiped the liquid from his face and tried to run away again, attempting to throw the baton at the officers in the process

When Garcia finally collapsed, three officers quickly closed in and arrested him. No drugs were found on his person during the subsequent search.

The station learned that he is being charged with aggravated assault against an officer, as well as disarming and resisting officers.


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