(Las Vegas, NV) — Employers would pay $72 a year more per employee in unemployment insurance under a plan approved by the Nevada Employment Security Council.

The state wants to raise the tax due to a massive debt owed to the federal government. NESC Deputy Administrator Kelly Karch explains which employers are certain to see an increase.

“It’s that group that has a history of claims. Whether they have few claims or many claims, they will be affected by this change,” said Karch.

The debt is currently $681 million which was borrowed to pay benefits to laid-off workers during the economic crisis dating back three years.

Karch also says not all businesses will have to pay.

“The only folks who are not affected by this are those who are already at the top-rate of 5.4 percent and those new employers who come in at 2.95 percent,” explains Karch.

Under the plan, employers would pay $700 a year per employee into the state unemployment benefits fund.


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