By Danny Cox

Drew Brees
and the New Orleans Saints just possibly went through the longest offseason in the history of the NFL. They are currently sitting at 0-4 and in the cellar of the NFC South. There truly doesn’t appear as if anything can be looked at as positive this season for the Saints. Especially if things continue on the track they are on.

brees Drew Brees Set to Break Johnny Unitas Record: Receives Letter from Hall of Famers Son

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Still, there is always some bright spot to find when it seems as if everything is full of dark clouds and tragic paths. This season for the Saints, things may turn around, but they’ve got a long way to go.

Brees is going to do everything he can to get his team back on track to avoid having the season be a total loss. The thing is, Brees has something to look forward to, and it could very well happen this Sunday night against the San Diego Chargers.

With a touchdown pass in Sunday night’s game against the Chargers, Brees will surpass a record held by Johnny Unitas for over 50 years. That record is consecutive games with a touchdown pass, which currently stands at 47 games and is held by both Unitas and Drew Brees.

The New Orleans Saints actually posted a letter on their Facebook page on October 2, 2012 that they received from Joe Unitas, the son of the Hall of Fame quarterback.


I wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on tying my father’s record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. I’ve been follow your pursuit of the record since last season. I’m a big fan of yours, and wish you the best Sunday night against San Diego as you try to break the record. My father always said that records were meant to be broken. I know that if he was still with us that he would wish you the best as well.

When I look back on my father’s life I remember a man who was much bigger than the game of football. The things he would appreciate most about you have nothing to do with football; it’s about who you are as a person. You’re a role model for today’s youth, a family man, and a humanitarian who cares for his community. My father would tell you these are the important things in life, not some record in a book.

Continue to be a leader for your team and the City of New Orleans. You’re a great quarterback but even better man. Stay healthy and safe this week and in the future. My family and I will be watching Sunday night cheering for you. Best of luck.


Joe Unitas

Johnny Unitas died back in 2002, but Joe knows that his father would want Brees to break the record. Joe Unitas admits to being a huge fan of the Saints’ quarterback and wishes him all the luck in the world.

Upon receipt of the letter directed to the leader of the Saints, Brees tweeted a response to Joe:

“Thank you to Joe Unitas, son of Johnny Unitas, for the very kind letter. I’m honored & humbled to continue the legacy he established for all,” he wrote.

There has to be a break somewhere in order for the Saints to turn their season around and do something to save it. A victory over the Chargers would not only help because it would be their first win of the season, but it would be a huge morale booster and a way for Brees to thumb his nose at an organization.

You may remember that the Chargers are the team that let Brees go as a free agent many years ago in order to have Philip Rivers take over. Brees had an injured shoulder and San Diego just felt his time was up.

While it’s true that Brees will undoubtedly take the high road and be the bigger man that he always is, don’t be surprised to see a sly smile cross his face when his first touchdown pass is thrown on Sunday evening.

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