(Las Vegas, NV)  — In Nevada 25% of adults and 34% of youth 10-17 are obese, according to a recent report by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

The adult number is in the middle nationally and the youth number is in the highest 25% of states – the national and state numbers confirm the health crisis.

This week at the Bellagio hundreds of professionals as well as others will dive into the epidemic and discuss intervention techniques and treatment solutions.

The Las Vegas event, the Lifestyle Intervention Conference, is the only national conference focused on intervention, food addiction, and recovery, according to Michael Cartwright, the organizer of the conference.

Mike Theokas who dropped almost 400 pounds from 654 is in Las Vegas to discuss his success story from day one.

“I go  down the first day (to the Wellness Structure House), March 28, 2010 and step on the scale. 654 pounds! Let me say that again and let it sink in. 654 pounds.”

Theokas played college football at Rutgers University and was an elected official, but said he never felt better than the day he was able to buckle his seat belt on a plane.

More about ther conference can be viewed by going to http://www.weinerpublic.com/actions.html





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