By Danny Cox

Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets were just flat out embarrassed by the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in a 34-0 loss. The once feared defense gave up almost 250 yards on the ground to a team that didn’t have a single player rush for over 62 yards. The loss was just humiliating and left the fans of the J-E-T-S chanting for “Teeeboooowww!”

tebiw Set Your Clocks Back: Tebow Time Has Not Yet Arrived in New York

(Credit, Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

One thing needs to be realized by the rabid football fans that chant for the white and green, and it’s that it isn’t quite time to make a change at the quarterback position.

Jets Coach Rex Ryan came right out after the game and let everyone know that Mark Sanchez would continue to be the quarterback of the Jets, but also admitted that there is room for improvement.

“I don’t think that’s the answer,” Ryan said of a quarterback move. “I think Mark’s the answer at quarterback.”

“We have to get better play at quarterback.”

Tim Tebow was one of the hottest stories this offseason when the Denver Broncos signed free agent quarterback Peyton Manning. Everyone wondered what would happen to Tebow, and it was eventually figured out that he would be traded to the Jets.

Upon his arrival and sheer “excitement” to be a Jet, many thought that Tebow had a chance to step in and take over the starting spot at quarterback. While he is a bit of an enigma, a great talent, and has fantastic ability…Tebow still is not the answer at starting quarterback for any team in the NFL.

He still has limited passing ability which won’t cut it in a league with players the likes of Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady.

Tebow is best used if he has his own set of plays and can come in for the Wildcat formation or some sort of trick play. He can also be used as a great decoy at times because he’ll always draw the attention of at least three defensive players.

Even if that isn’t the case, Tebow can throw the ball well sometimes and complete a number of passes in a row and look great on the field. The main problem is that his lack of consistency as a true quarterback just won’t cut it in the NFL. There needs to be more there in arm strength and accuracy before you can be placed under center full-time.

Sometime during the 2012 NFL season, there is a very good chance that Tim Tebow may become the starter for the New York Jets. If the team’s record gets out of whack and Sanchez’s sub-par play continues, then Rex Ryan may have no choice but to hand over the on-field leadership to the former Florida Gator.

This is in no way a bashing of Tebow or even defending Sanchez. It is more of a way of saying that football fans need to take a step back in the “fan” department, and let things happen the way they happen. Sanchez doesn’t deserve a whole lot more time to prove his worth, but the time has not yet come to get excited Timmy in as the captain of the Jets’ offense.

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