CENTERVILLE, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) — A Utah man has been declared competent to stand trial Thursday after police say he shot hit neighbor who “telepathically raped” his wife.

Despite doubt surrounding Michael Selleneit’s mental stability, Judge Thomas Kay ruled that he is fit to be tried on the charges of attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

Legal troubles began for Selleneit, 54, of Centerville, last October, when he shot Tony Pierce, 41, while he worked in his yard.

Selleneit told authorities he was acting in self-defense after Pierce “telepathically raped” his wife on numerous occasions, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Pierce was also accused of using his alleged mental powers to threaten Selleneit himself.

In regards to his impending trial, Selleneit’s defense attorney asserted that his questionable mental health should have him committed to Utah State Hospital, instead of sent to prison.

“[He said that] Eddie Van Halen comes into his mind and helps him occasionally,” his attorney, Julie George, was quoted as saying by the paper. “Those are about as bizarre as I think a delusion can get.”

However, a reported two out of three doctors who evaluated Selleneit on behalf of the court found him fit for trial.

John Malouf, a psychologist who examined him, was one of the two who spoke to his competency.

“[Selleneit] doesn’t have a great deal of sophistication, but he understands pleading guilty or not guilty,” Malouf said at a hearing on the matter, according to the Tribune. “He understands he needs to work with his attorney.”

In addition to the mental rapes and threats, Selleneit also allegedly said his neighbor had numerous sex parties with his wife while he sat one room over.

Court documents obtained by the paper stated that he has been diagnosed with what was referred to as an “organic brain disorder with a labile affect, periodic delusional thought process, poor judgment [and] poor impulse control,” possibly attributed to a head injury sustained in a car crash during his formative years.


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