By Danny Cox

On Sunday night, the Baltimore Ravens pulled out a last second victory over the New England Patriots by a score of 31-30. It was a tremendous game all around that was played incredibly by everyone involved on both teams. The greatest performance of all came from one player that was having the worst day of his life.

torrey smith Baltimore Ravens Torrey Smith Has His Best Day On His Worst Day

Sunday night against the Patriots, Smith came out and caught six passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns. (Credit, Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Ravens’ wide receiver Torrey Smith is only in his second year in the NFL, but he has had some good games from time to time. Sunday night against the Patriots, Smith came out and caught six passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns.

Many think that he would be doing nothing but smiling and celebrating and realizing how great his day was.

Well, Smith did indeed do that, but he also did a lot of mourning on Sunday. Smith found out around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning that his younger brother, Tevin Jones, had died in a motorcycle accident in Virginia.

Smith left the team hotel of the Ravens and went to be with his family. He told his teammates and the staff that he would be back by that evening to play against the Patriots. No one really expected him back, and not a single person would have blamed him for sitting out that game, either.

His 19-year-old brother had just passed away. His family was banding together to try and cope with this horrible tragedy.

By that afternoon, Smith knew he was going to be playing, and with that, he wanted to thank everyone in the Ravens organization.

“It was tough,” Smith said. “I didn’t know until 4 p.m.; I only had one hour of sleep. It was tough emotionally, and I didn’t know how I would hold up. Thanks to my teammates and coaches and all the support from really everyone around the league, just everyone, everywhere. I just thank everyone on behalf of my family.”

The only thanks that needs to be given out here is to Torrey Smith for showing the world just what it is like to be strong. Torrey Smith showed what it’s like to persevere in times of tragedy. He showed what it is like to be a professional in the world of sports when no one would have blamed him for not even showing up at all.

Yet, there he was and he was the reason that the Baltimore Ravens are sitting at 2-1 instead of 1-2 this early in the season.

Showing even more so how much of a man that Smith is, he went out on Monday morning and thanked even more people besides himself. He went out and thanked all the fans of the Baltimore Ravens.

“We appreciate all of the support and love thank you….everyone is making this process a lot easier #RIPTEVIN #TEAMTEVIN,” Smith tweeted Monday morning.

Smith had the support of his Ravens’ teammates and he said that they kept him focused to do his job. This is the one time throughout the course of his career that he wouldn’t be looked down upon for no-showing an NFL game.

Now he is looked upon with even greater admiration for his courage, bravery, and sheer determination.

Thank you, Torrey Smith.

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