Las Vegas (CBS Las Vegas) – Bad news: World War 3 broke out.  The world as we know it has been wiped out by nuclear flame and the leftover pieces of humanity must try to start over. Good news, you can still crack open a cold one without any ill effects.

In the 1950s, when the “Atomic Age” was in full swing, the government conducted a number of experiments on how a nuclear blast would affect consumable goods, including beer.

The test was called “Operation Teapot.” For this study the United States Government created fake towns, a-la “Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull,” near Las Vegas and set off a nuclear blast.

The test, conducted on both bottles and cans, came back with surprising results. Bottles had a high rate of survival, as long as they didn’t fall from shelves or anything smashed against them. Only the bottles closest to the blast registered any radiation at all. But best of all, the irradiated beer was still safe to drink, though it would be smart to save for emergency use only.

The most important question however is how did the beer taste after the blast? The government tested that one out as well, for science of course.

The government sent off samples to five labs for testing and the labs said that the beer ranged from “commercial quality” to “aged” and a few samples tasted “definitely off” according to the government report. But the labs agreed that “that the beer could unquestionably be used as an emergency source of potable beverages.”

So as you’re stocking up goods in your fallout shelter and gathering materials for emergency supplies don’t forget a case of suds.


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