(CBS Las Vegas KXNT) Visitors to the “Fabulous Las Vegas” sign are sometimes mindless of the traffic buzzing past them at 45 miles-per-hour.

Clark County Commissioners on Tuesday contemplated a long list of ways to keep visitors safe at the historic Las Vegas landmark, including metal barriers, crosswalks, flashing lights, and even a pedestrian bridge over Las Vegas Boulevard.  Then they approved an application for a million dollar federal grant that could pay for some of the safety features.

Commissioners alluded more than once during their regular meeting to last week’s horrific bus stop crash that killed four people and injured 8, suggesting they’re alart to the potential for a similar incident at the Fabulous sign.

“That little wrought iron fence we’re talking about that’s along Las Vegas Boulevard, I don’t think would stop a  moped,” said Commissioner Steve Sisolak.

Commissioner Mary Beth Scow said she watched one afternoon as pedestrians darted across the street to get to the sign.

“In light of some of the things that have happened lately, we probably should look at some barriers,” Scow said.

A red light is the answer, according to Commission Chair Susan Brager.

“It’ll impede traffic and I really don’t care,” she said.  “I believe it can’t just be a flashing light that lets you know someone might be crossing.  I think we need a red light.”

Brager said the County has enouraged people to stopin the median by making the Faublous sign accessible, and she would support a pedestrian bridge over the street as the best solution.

Public Works Director Denis Cedarburg said a bridge costs between $700,00 and 4 million dollars.


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