Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has always been a bit emotional and isn’t one to let his feelings stay hidden during NFL games. After an outburst during a loss to the Green Bay Packers on Thursday, though, a teammate has decided to call Cutler out.

Cutler was seen actually screaming at Bears offensive tackle J’Marcus Webb during the 23-10 loss to Green Bay, and it only got worse from there. He was later seen bumping Webb on the sideline as well.

This all came about due to the Bears’ offense being thrashed by Clay Matthews and the rest of the Packers’ defense as Cutler was sacked seven times and threw four interceptions. Cutler’s actions didn’t go unnoticed, and even teammates aren’t proud of the way he acted.

Bears cornerback D.J. Moore spoke up about the incident and what Cutler did.

“It happens sometimes, you know,” Moore said. “Sometimes players get beat. Sometimes they have bad games. Sometimes the quarterback holds it too long. It happens. It’s football.”

ESPN’s NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi believes that Cutler should come out and apologize to not only Webb, but the entire offensive line of the Bears.

Cutler said after the loss that he takes the game of football seriously and that he is passionate about everything involved with it. He doesn’t like to lose and wants to make sure that everyone is on the same page and giving their all for the Bears.

“I care about this,” he said Thursday. “This isn’t just a hobby for me. I’m not doing this for my health. I’m trying to win football games. I’m trying to get first downs, and when we’re not doing the little things, not doing the things the right way consistently, I’m gonna say something. If they want a quarterback that doesn’t care they can get somebody else.”

Moore was later asked about what he thought of how Cutler was now looked at on a national level due to his actions and whether he thought those perceptions were accurate.

“What did he do? Did he shove the guy? I think so,” Moore said of the perception being correct. “I don’t think you can act like that, though, to make it seem like it’s just my fault or whatnot.”

Later, Moore must have realized that he didn’t want to cause a problem between him, Cutler, and any of his Bears teammates so he dismissed the incident. He knows that emotions can run high in games and that Cutler really just wanted to have the team succeed, but that doesn’t mean he approves of the quarterback’s actions.

“I just think it’s wrong, honestly,” Moore said. “I would feel some kind of way if he were to do me like that and make it seem like ‘well, the reason that I’m having a bad game is because what you’re doing and not me taking accountability for myself because I’m throwing these types of passes or doing this type of read.’

“So it’s a tough situation. When you act like that with your own teammates on the sideline, it’s just something different that you normally wouldn’t do. So you might say it in the locker room or something, but to do it like he did it, it’s just weird.”

Jay Cutler has had this type of mindset, mentality, and high emotion in the game of football ever since his college days. He also is one that has been criticized before (See: 2011 NFC Championship Game), and had to move on from it as well.

This likely won’t be just thrown away as other players are already stepping forward and saying they would never allow a teammate or anyone to push them around like that. If that starts getting into the minds of some of the Bears; it could end up being a long season in Chicago.

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