(Las Vegas CBS KXNT)  About eight thousand people crowded into a lower room in the Cashman Stadium building on Wednesday to rally for a second Obama term in the White House.  The President got a rousing welcome that harkened back to the “fired-up-and-ready-to-go” 2008 campaign.

Obama began by recognizing the Americans killed in Monday’s attack on the U. S. diplomatic post in Libya, then moved to domestic issues and familiar campaign refrains.  The President dismissed Republican challenger Mitt Romney as someone who views tax cuts as the solution to every problem.

He stressed his own brand of tax reform as more fair than Romney’s, claiming it will bolster the middle class and ask more from the wealthiest. Romney is offering “old sales pitches,” Obama said.

A cheer went up when the President touted renewable energy projects for job creation, particularly in Nevada’s sunny climate.  

Obama sold his record on college loans and help for troubled homeowners, and on keeping his 2008 promise to pull out of Iraq.

On healthcare, the President vowed never to implement a Medicare voucher program.

The next four years will be a period of “more,” he said — more students going to college, more teachers to hire, more troops to bring home, more veterans to take care for.

Attendees were primarily Obama supporters who responded well to the speech.  Some said the event inspried them to volunteer for the campaign.

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