KEY LARGO, Fla. (CBS Las Vegas) – A Utah resident staying in the Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort shouted his way into the county jail by repeatedly yelling “Yeah,” every time he was asked a question by authorities.

The Keys Reporter learned that police were initially called to the scene when the man, 30-year-old Jason Youngblood, decided to swim fully clothed in the hotel’s swimming pool, then refused to leave when asked to do so.

Officers from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office arrived to see hotel security and staff trying to communicate with Youngblood, who would only reply by saying, “Yeah.”

As he answered, he reportedly began to shout the word at increasingly louder volumes. When he finally emerged from the pool, Youngblood refused to remain still.

The responding officer, Deputy Timothy Hunsberger, noted in his report that as he escorted Youngblood to the hotel room he shared with his sister, he kept mimicking karate punches.

He then allegedly began screaming, “Yeah,” again, while working himself into what the officer referred to as an “offensive posture.”

At that point, Hunsberger decided to arrest Youngblood, but had to struggle with him before getting both hands cuffed.

Youngblood later told authorities he was a Special Forces soldier, the paper found. His sister, however, insisted he was a federal agent.

He faces charges of battery, assault and resisting arrest, and is reportedly being held at the Monroe County Detention Center on an $8,000 bond.


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