(Las Vegas, NV) — Due to expected smoke from wildfires burning in Southern California, and dust from the Colorado river basin, the
Clark County Department of Air Quality issued a Dust/Smoke advisory.

The advisory will be in effect until Thursday morning.

Under these advisory conditions, children, seniors and people with chronic respiratory problems, in particular, are urged to stay indoors. Health officials say in general it’s safe for people who don’t have chronic respiratory problems to go outside, though poor air quality may trigger allergy-like symptoms. Health and air quality officials suggest the following tips if you’re concerned about exposure to smoke:

· If you work outdoors, consider wearing a painter’s mask or surgical mask. This will help reduce your exposure to dust and particulates.

· Limit outdoor exertion. Exercise, for example, makes you breathe heavier and increases the amount of particulates you are likely to inhale.

· Keep windows closed. Run your air conditioner inside your house and car. Your air conditioner filters out dust and particulates.

· Consider changing your indoor air filters if they are dirty.

· Use your prescription allergy medication or over-the-counter hay fever or sinus medications if you experience symptoms of itchy eyes, a runny nose, or congestion.


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