(LAS VEGAS CBS KXNT)  Christin Mowery has traveled a long road with her daughters, Rain and Alyssa, since last fall when they were hit by a car as they crossed the street with three other girls.  Their friend, Mia Decker, was killed in the accident. Seven-year-old Rain has recovered physically, but still struggles with grief.  Six-year-old Alyssa survived, but has lasting effects from severe head injuries.

Alyssa’s injuries have changed the lives of her mother, Christin, and five siblings, ages 7-17.   Christin is no longer able to work, because Alyssa requires 24-hour care and supervision.

“She’s like a huge toddler…. it can be very very dangerous, especially since she doesn’t understand what’s dangerous and what’s inappropriate,” Mowery told KXNT.

Alyssa has short-term memory loss.  She repeats the same questions over and over, “hundreds of times a day,” her mother told KXNT.

The insurance settlement is unlikely to cover the medical bills from the accident, Mowery told KXNT, and Alyssa may need care for the rest of her life.  Mowery’s own bills have stacked up, and the truck she used for her home-based business has been repossessed.

Mowery says she’s always worked to support her family, but is now forced to ask for help. A web-based fundraising site has been set up for the family.  Mowry hopes it will help her get current on her bills and buy a reliable vehicle.

Mowery says she’s on the edge financially, but relies on her faith to pull her through.

“I have God, if I didn’t have God I don’t even know what I would have done,” she told KXNT.   I have faith that in the end, more good’s going to come through this than bad.”


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