(LAS VEGAS CBS KXNT)  The city of Las Vegas is preparing to pull the Charleston, Sahara, and Decatur corridors into a new development district, predicting new investment and an infusion of tax revenue into the neighborhood as the plan takes shape and blighted properties are removed.

City  Business Development Director  Bill Arent gave a presentation on Wednesday to the Las Vegas City Council and citizens, some of whom identified themselves as residents or business owners from the affected area.

You can hear Bill Arent’s 10-minute presentation by clicking on the audio player.  Story continues below.

Several property owners were skeptical of the benefits, and worried about the possibility of eminent domain.

There were repeated assurances from city council members and staff that the city policy does not permit takings of the type that roiled the nation after the U.S.  Supreme Court handed down the Kelo v. New London decision.

Because of mistakes the city has made in the past, Councilman Bob Coffin said, Las Vegas adopted a prohibition on seizure of property from one citizen for the benefit of another.  There is also a state law controlling eminent domain, put in place by the voters.

But several members of the council noted that NDOT and other agencies can and do engage in eminent domain for the public good.

The ordinance creating the new zone will be introduced on August 15.


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