(Las Vegas, NV) — A pair of juveniles convicted of animal cruelty are the first in Nevada.

Two 16 year-olds are the first to be charged under the Cooney Law after drowning a pair of kittens. The new law makes it a felony for first-time animal cruelty offenders, but as UNLV Law and History Professor David Tannenhaus told KXNT, the behavior generally starts much younger.

“People who commit violent acts at much younger ages are the ones who often worry the experts who study this.”

Prof. Tannenhaus added that more often than not violent acts occur with children starting at age two or three.

Also, the proper punishment is crucial to the future of the offenders, according to Prof. Tannenhaus.

“You want to see them become productive adults. You don’t want to destroy somebody’s life even if they did something awful.”

The two boys will be under home supervision until school starts and will remain on probation until they are 21.



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