PHOENIX (CBS Las Vegas) — Walmart and Target are hopping into bed with the sex toy market.

The two mega-stores are selling vibrators online and at store locations.

One Target shopper told KPHO-TV that he didn’t mind the store selling sex toys.

“Hey, why not?” Target shopper Allen Freeman told KPHO. “It’s convenience, you know? Somebody’s in here and they want to get some cereal — why not buy a vibrator with it? They might have a deal.”

On the other hand, a dad and Walmart shopper felt that it would be better if his kids didn’t see such things at the store.

“You need to leave that at … adult stores, for stuff like that,” he told the station.

Public relations expert Jason Rose told the station that selling sex toys will not damage the stores’ brand.

“I think they’ll challenge their brand slightly,” Rose explained to KPHO. “But it’s about bringing in more customers than they lose. And I think they win at the end of the day.”

On top of selling sex toys, both stores sell condoms, while Target also sells Extenze, which are “male enhancement” pills.


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