(Las Vegas, NV) —  Building for a successful future may cost Levin Welch $100 thousand. The University of Nevada, Reno student is pursuing a Masters of Science in Sociology and has been blessed with $38 thousand in debt.

Much has been about increasing the rate of student loans, something Welch says is an impossibility. “You cannot raise our interest rates, that is not an option. That is going to make a lot of people very, very angry. Also, you are stifling the economy, the larger social fabric of our country.”

And how people like Welch are viewed by Wall Street and Washington D.C. is a concern.”If we are going to move past the economic calamity of 2008, we need to take seriously the value of our students and young people.”

Welch wants to teach at a community college and wants to help people learn and get involved. Having access to education is one of the keys to the future, according to Welch.


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