LAS VEGAS, NV – The Las Vegas Sun reports there is an explanation for the notorious stretch of 19’s recorded at a roulette wheel at the Rio on Monday night: gambling malfunction.

The electronic device that reads the wheel and posts the numbers on the lighted board hit a glitch. The number “19” registered after seven consecutive spins, and on eight-of-nine, though the number on the wheel was not the same as what was posted.

Odds against 19 hitting seven times in a row on a 36-number roulette wheel are 3 billion to 1.

A modern-day roulette wheel, like those used at Caesars Entertainment properties, are equipped with tiny cameras positioned at the side of the game to record the ball landing in a particular slot. A computer device reads that image and automatically posts the number in the board next to the table, giving a read of the most recent 16 spins. That system, simply put, went haywire at the Rio on Monday.


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