LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — A JetBlue plane departing from Las Vegas and heading toward New York suffered severe mechanical issues, resulting in a flight some passengers called “four hours of hell.”

The double hydraulic failure of JetBlue Flight 194 has sparked an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration, during which they asked the 155 passengers on board about the flight.

Some passengers referred to the experience as “hell,” though noted that everyone stayed notably calm throughout the ordeal, KTNV-TV reports.

Passengers additionally told the station that, during take-off, a loud screeching noise could be heard. When the plane was in the air, it began to careen from side to side.

The mechanical issue led pilots to return the plane back to its origin at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. However, since it had enough fuel for a cross-country flight, the pilots were reportedly forced to keep the plane in the air, as they were not able to relieve the plane of its excess fuel.

Once the A-320 jet had burned enough gas, the plane landed safely, and its passengers were transferred to other flights to New York.


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