(Las Vegas, NV) — Celine Dion returns to the stage at Caesars Palace this weekend.

In February, a doctor diagnosed a virus that caused inflammation in her vocal chords and prescribed up to eight weeks of rest. With recovery complete, Celine is eager to resume her shows. “I had a rough time a few months ago, but I’m back to 100% and I can’t wait to do the show,” said Celine.

Dion, 43, is midway through a three-year residency at The Colosseum.

During April and May, Celine began recording songs for her next English and French CD’s which will be released later this year. The French CD will feature all new material wheeras the English CD will feature studio versions of previously unreleased songs from her Las Vegas show as well as several brand new songs.

“we do a lot of songs that I’ve never recorded before and people are always asking for these when they visit our boutique, so it’s great that we’ll finally have these recorded.” Celine added, “I’ve also received some amazing new songs that I’m very excited about and eventually we hope to put one or two of these into the show.”


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