(CBS LAS VEGAS KXNT) Governor Brian Sandoval took the stage to introduce Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney at his Las Vegas appearance in the warehouse of a specialty furniture business. Romney’s Nevada visit coincided with the Texas primary which has been projected to put his delegate count over the top, cementing his status as the presumptive nominee for the Republican party.

Romney said  he’d like to reduce regulation that’s taking a  toll on business. He also pointed to President Obama’s health care reform creating a climate of uncertainty for business, and preventing the American economy from growing.   The candidate promised to lower tax rates in order to stimulate business, and jobs.

He discussed energy, taking a poke at Obama’s “all of the above” rhetoric, and said the president can’t be in favor of  all of the above because he dislikes most energy sources.  What the president means by “all of the above,” Romney said, is that he likes energy that comes from above the ground.

Energy is key to developing Nevada jobs, with many businesses citing the cost of energy when they decide to locate elsewhere.

The loading dock  area of Somers Furniture in Las Vegas was set up for about 350, but Romney campaign spokespersons say more showed up than were invited.

Many of the attendees told KXNT they have been supporters of Romney from the beginning — some meant the beginning of the 2011 primary campaign cycle, but some say they’ve been on board since 2008.

Somers is a specialty manufacturer of furniture targeted to the hospitality trade.  Romney’s presentation will take place on the loading dock.


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