LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – One pizza parlor’s promotion to say “por favor” for a free pizza has been more lukewarm than hot.

A one-day promotion from Pizza Patron that plans to give away thousands of pizzas to customers who say, “pizza por favor,” has been met with push-back from local conservative leaders, who’ve accused the promotion of being discriminatory against those who don’t speak Spanish. KLAS reports that thousands of pizzas will be given away by Pizza Patron on June 5 during a three-hour period that requires customers to say the three-word Spanish phrase when ordering. KLAS reports that about 70 percent of the pizza outlet’s customer base is Hispanic.

But some local leaders aren’t saying, “por favor.”

“It’s discriminating against non-Spanish speaking people. Why can’t they get free pizzas?” Conservative Caucus Chairman Peter Thomas told KLAS. “I’m not saying wipe out your tradition or anything like that, but when you’re in the public arena, if you will, you should be speaking English.”

This isn’t the first time Pizza Patron has tried connecting with its Hispanic base. In 2007, the company decided to start accepting Pesos as a form of payment.


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